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New work with J.W. Zulauf!

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I never showed this off but THIS is the final release of the Balderdash Saga - yes, you are right to cry. It's an omnibus edition that collects all four of the original short stories that appeared alongside the main storyline, for the first time, in one print volume. It also comes with an absurd amount of concept art for the various characters that appeared in the stories.

Click the link for more info on the author, the illustrator and the story itself:…/the-balderdash-saga-special-edition/


The Balderdash Saga – Special Edition

The Balderdash Saga

This little slide will be going up on the Evolved Publishing website home page and cycling around and around all day long - and for good reason.

It's been a little while but here's a little look at what's new in the world of Hoodwink House. They fourth instalment of Steff F. Kneff's Emlyn and the Gremlin series is out and is fully illustrated throughout :)



A Space Opera about gender, identity, robots and chocolate.

Mel and the Black Rider

COVER UPDATE for Mel & the Black Rider: Short Stories from the Morus Chronicles by J.R. Roper. It should be updated on Amazon soon but in the mean time you can see the art here or track down the author's site here for more information:




Patch Rabbit!


The Balderdash Saga

The Balderdash Saga receives two more important instalments today through the second book of the trilogy as well as the first of (hopefully) many spin off stories. Here are the covers but be sure to check out the author's page at for more details.

Artwork by Hoodwink House


Mom's Choice Awards

Turns out this little series has won the gold level 'Mom's Choice Awards,' I have no idea what that means but I get the impression it's a good thing. It's a pretty good start to a Wednesday for sure.


Happy Is

A range of cards designed entitled 'Happy Is,' available soon as prints :)


The Morus Chronicles

J.R. Roper is a junior high teacher and writer living in West Michigan with his lovely wife and kids. He has a passion for middle grade and young adult fantasy and his debut novel, The Hunter Awakens: Book One of the Morus Chronicles, released in July 2014. His work has appeared in ChildGood Magazine, Families First Monthly, and in anthologies by Horrified Press, Thirteen O’Clock Press, and Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing. His abnormally high caffeine levels have been rumored to change vampires back to human form and there is a story floating around about him living in the belly of the dragon.

The Boy Who Once Chased Cats

A project I worked on with the very talented Russell Whitehead is about to see release and in light of that he's got a little link to an electronic 'sample booklet' that you can all have a sneaky peek at before the official release. Here are also two of the illustrations included in the finished book and a little bit about the story itself;

"Jake is a wildly imaginative nine year old boy who thoroughly enjoys pestering the neighborhood cat with his clever games. But when the tables are turned will he still be amused? Follow along on Jake's adventure as he finds out what it's like to be on the receiving end of someone else's idea of a good time.

The Boy Who Once Chased Cats  explores the issue of bullying on a child's level through an imaginary tale that focuses on a boy and his relationship with the neighbor's cat."


Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Barbeque Disaster

“And Emlyn, I think there’s a secret you’re keeping….
Does somebody visit at night while we’re sleeping?”
“No,” Emlyn said (and the truth she did tell,
For Gremlin now came in the daytime as well!)


Gremlin arrives on the same day Emlyn is expecting her family for a barbeque, but promises to stay upstairs while Emlyn’s Mummy and Mama prepare for lunch.

All the young cousins are supposed to take family photographs in matching pyjamas—but Gremlin’s curiosity might ruin the picture, and get both her—and Emlyn—in big trouble!


The Emlyn and the Gremlin series is a collection of beautifully illustrated, kid-centered books, each containing a fun rhyme scheme and humor for both kids and adults. These gorgeous books introduce the concept of a two-mum family in a natural and subtle way—the perfect books to add diversity to any home, library or store!

One Week To Go!

Right, less than a week until Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Barbeque Disaster is released via Evolved Publishing. So, with that in mind let's take a look at all three covers together to celebrate :)


The Underground Princess by J.W. Zulauf goes up for pre-order


Good! Hoodwink House is proud to announce that the debut release from J.W. Zulauf via Evolved publishing is currently up for pre-order in e-book format! The first instalment of the 'Balderdash Saga' is 'The Underground Princess,' an almost Disney style princess story set in an underground world inhabited by the undead illustrated by Luke Spooner of Hoodwink House.

The paperback will come closer to December 1st! You simply follow link, click preorder, and on December 1st, you will receive an email from amazon guiding you to your new eBook! Only $3.99! Here are some illustrations and the front cover to get you excited.


'The Boy Who Once Chased Cats'

So I guess it's about time that I give a little preview into the work I've been doing with the true gentleman that is 'Russell Whitehead.' We've been working on illustrating a story of his, that came to him in a dream, called 'The Boy Who Once Chased Cats.' Click on the link to find out more but that's all I can say for now :)!next-up/c1kg6


'The Underground Princess' cover reveal!

Seeing as it's made an appearance on the Evolved Publishing website under the 'coming soon' heading I think it's about time we show off the cover for 'THE UNDERGROUND PRINCESS,' the first in a series of books that make up 'The Balderdash' by the very talented J.W. Zulauf

I've had the pleasure of working alongside the other for the illustration side of things and will hopefully be able to share the fruits of our labours in the coming weeks. Until then though - get up to speed on what the books about and enjoy the cover.


So, this is the cover art for Steff F. Kneff and Hoodwink House's very own Luke Spooner's first ever collaboration. Here's a little synopsis and a big shiny link to the publisher's page for the book where you'll find all the other information you need to know :)

"Emlyn is sure a Gremlin sneaks into the house at night. In the morning, she finds her room a mess, with gadgets and glitter strewn everywhere. Moose, her Great Dane, should be guarding the house, but he’s so afraid he hides in his fort! Emlyn’s mums insist Gremlins aren’t real, but one day, Emlyn overhears the truth… and then she meets Gremlin for herself."

Second instalment of The Morrow Secrets is looming ever closer...

Susan McNally's second instalment of gothic trilogy: 'The Morrow Secrets' is set to see a release this very Thursday. With that in mind I thought I'd show you the full cover for the book. Now for those not savvy with the publishing business - this is how we arty types see covers, when we're designing. This shows the front, the back, the spine - even the dust jacket flaps. It's a long old process but when you see the finished product it's always a huge pay off, and this book is set to be now exception.

This fun and engaging children’s picture book is coming July 21, 2014.

“Mummy, that Gremlin snuck through in the night!
She tiptoed inside when we turned out the light!
She opened my jewel box and tried on my hat.
How can you trust such a Gremlin as that?”


Emlyn is sure a Gremlin sneaks into the house at night. In the morning, she finds her room a mess, with gadgets and glitter strewn everywhere. Moose, her Great Dane, should be guarding the house, but he’s so afraid he hides in his fort!

Emlyn’s mums insist Gremlins aren’t real, but one day, Emlyn overhears the truth… and then she meets Gremlin for herself.


Emlyn and the Gremlin is a beautifully illustrated, kid-centered book, which contains a fun rhyme scheme and humor for both kids and adults. This gorgeous book introduces the concept of a two-mum family in a natural and subtle way—the perfect book to add diversity to any library or store!

And be sure to watch for the second book in this series, Emlyn and the Gremlin and the Mean Old Cat, coming December 1, 2014.


Emlyn and the Gremlin is coming.....

The silence on Hoodwink House in recent months has been for good reason, and the reason is that I've been working on this little project with Steff F. Kneff as my first outing with Evolved Publishing. They'll be more info coming in the days and weeks ahead (hopefully) but for now enjoy the front cover.


Shadow Of The Swarm (The Morrow Trilogy)

I can only apologise for the lack of updates on this page at present but I can assure you that it is all in good cause. Since bringing brought onto the team at Evolved Publishing I've been busy working on a new project that hopefully I can ...start publicising very soon. More on that later, but for now let's have a sneaky look back at the new cover for the second instalment of Susan McNally's, gothic trilogy, The Morrow Secrets. The second book is called 'The Shadow Of The Swarm and is currently set for a March release date. Here's the pre-order link to learn a bit more about the book and the trilogy it's part of. Enjoy!

The Girl Who Could Make Things Float

Livvy Tate is a girl who could make things float - Unfortunately, for her parents and the long suffering town she calls home, this super powered young girl is less than responsible when it comes to using her powers. But when Livvy's parents decide that enough is enough, will she listen to reason and finally take responsibility for her actions? Through this fully illustrated story we see one child learn that everything you do has an effect on the world and that ultimately you can make a difference by sharing what makes you special, with those around you. Luke Spooner is an award-winning author and illustrator who has talents that no one else can rival. Tipped to be the next big success, his engaging creations fill the hearts and minds of many. His high quality illustrations accompany short stories that even established and classical tales are having difficulty to contend with. The Girl Who Could Make Things Float is a beautifully crafted story focussing on a superpower that every child wishes they could have. This much loved tale is a 'must have' for all children and schools.


Currently available through:

The Girl Who Could Make Things Float

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